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Women's Only Weekend 2018 WOW!

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Women's Only Weekend 2018 WOW!

This upcoming weekend is the start of WOW (Women's Only Weekend)! 

Be sure to stop by Voyages Toys to check out our wide selection of party games, card games, dice games, and puzzles!

The hot games this year have been:

Winner of board game of the year for 2018
A fast playing 2-4 player tile laying game that is all about color matching and pattern creation


Cards Against Humanity
A mature card game for horrible people

Fast playing matching card game... think War meets Spoons

Not to mention our best selling party games like Concept and Codenames as well as a variety of pop culture puzzles. So many choices! Stop by Voyages Toys during your stay to find some great games to play with your friends and family.




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