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Voyages Toys Gaming Events!

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Voyages Toys Gaming Events!

Gaming Events are Coming to Seaside, OR!

With Spring Break being extended for many schools, we will be offering more gaming events this year at Voyages!

As avid game players we are extremely excited to announce the first of many new gaming events and activities for our store here in Seaside.

Starting today we will be offering more and more small group activities for table top gaming events for people of all ages.

Dungeons & Dragons has become a big hit for us with an incredible amount of interest for all ages. We will be offering two different D&D events:

D&D Game School (for under 18)
D&D Game Night (for 18+)

We will also be offering board game/card game/dice game events, starting with Monday Night Games starting at 4:30pm. With many more coming up. These events will be for all ages.

Sign up sheets for gaming events will be available In Store as well as online on our website. If you have a specific game request, feel free to stop in the store and ask.

We are so excited to share our love and passion of table top games with more and more people. 

See you soon!

UPDATE: Due to the Social Distancing initiatives these games are being moved online! Email to learn more.