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The new hottest toy is now in stock - Squishies! 

A few weeks ago a woman and her daughter came into the store and spent about an hour (very enthusiastically) explaining all about this cool new collectible toy called a "squishy".  They were both very passionate about these new toys.

That evening, I went home and Sally and I watched about 4 hours of youtube videos. Most of the videos involved people reviewing various brands and types of squishies. I learned that Hollycoptor really loved Silly Squishies and that PurpleBanana25 really loved iBloom and Puni Maru. What most impressed me was that many of these videos had millions of views and subscribers. What are learned is that the most desirable characteristics for any squishy are:

1. Bigger is better
2. Scented 
3. Cute animal-like or food-like
4. Slow rising is key - slower the better

So, we first brought in Silly Squishies. They are large, scented, and look like a both food and an animal. So they make squishies like unicorn cakes, smiling tacos, and big smiling cinnamon scented cinnamon rolls - they started selling the HOUR we put them out! Wow!


Next we started carrying iBloom and Puni Maru brand squishies. Same response. 



Now we have cakes, fruit, bread, bagels, cinnamon rolls... and yes... even little poop.

I have to say, these are a hot hot toy. We sell them every day. So come by the store and check them out. We have some demos at the counter and I think you will discover the same thing I discovered... when you squeeze them... they are oddly satisfying. :)

If you can't make it to the store, then be sure to check them out online here.


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