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Mystery Boxes

Mystery Boxes

Its official! Our number one selling item... out of all items in our store... for the past 9 weeks straight... Mystery Boxes!

What's that? What is a Mystery Box? Well let me tell you!

Mystery Boxes are $40 each. They are guaranteed to contain AT LEAST 5 items with a total retail value of AT LEAST $80 but up to $200! 

What's in them? Well... its a mystery! So I can't tell you... But I can tell you this... we are a pop culture toy store that sells toys, comics, and games. Looking around our store is a good indication of the types of items you will find in a box. And I guarantee you you will not find like 5 decks of Doctor Who playing cards in one box. Each box is filled with a variety of items across multiple fandoms.

Need a quick gift but don't have time to think about it? Want to treat yourself and you love surprises? Take time to visit the shop and check out our Mystery Boxes.


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