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Summer Is In Full Swing!

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Summer is here and it is grand!

The mornings have been starting off overcast and then it burns off by midday to beautiful sunny day at the beach.

This week we just got in our new hot summer toy: Surfer Dudes!

I spent an hour yesterday on the beach with these dudes... THEY ARE AWESOME! You walk down the beach, walk up to the water's edge, toss them into the ocean, AND THEY SURF BACK TO YOU! It is so cool. It really is like a surfing boomerang. I threw them as hard as I could... as FAR as I could and every single time they came back. These are so, so fun... I was really tempted to take the day off and just play with them at the beach all day.

Here is a great video showing them in action:

If you see us throwing these around on the beach... just ask us to try them out!