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Shop Safe, Shop Local

The Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic has shaken our world these past few months. In response, we at Voyages have been (and will continue to) implement the following changes to the shopping experience for the safety of our customers and our employees.

The following C-19 checklist outlines these safety steps:

1. Face Masks are required for anyone entering our store, ages 5 and up

2. If you do not have a mask, we will give you one (while supplies last)

3. Store staff will be cleaning the Checkout Area after every transaction

4. Store staff will be cleaning counters and floors every hour

5. Store occupancy will be limited to a maximum of 24 customers

6. Customers must maintain 6ft distance from other groups and store staff

7. All gaming events and gatherings are currently "on hold"

8. We encourage shopping with us online and utilizing curbside pickup

Lets work together to stop the spread and flatten the curve while also creating a safe environment for everyone to have a pleasant and fun shopping experience while visiting the coast.

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