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MLK Jr Weekend at the Coast

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MLK Jr Weekend at the Coast

This weekend is the first long weekend of 2019! It looks to be fairly "stormy" weekend with plenty of opportunities to check out the cool big waves from the safety of the balcony of room in either Cannon Beach or Newport. 

We highly recommend checking out some of our favorite games and puzzles during your stay. 


Agricola Family Edition

This is a great strategy game that can be played 1-4 players. The board is the perfect size for hotel room tables. It plays great as 2 player and a 3 player and a 4 player game. This is a great game for people that love Catan but want to play a game that has more strategy and only takes 45 minutes to play.



This is a fantastic 2 player game. You and your opponent are competing to get different shaped pieces of fabric to fill your board and complete your "quilt" before the game ends. It is thematically unique and has just the right amount of light strategy for everyone.


Blood of an Englishman

This is a two player card game. One person is Jack and the other player is the Giant. You lay out the cards in rows like you are playing solitaire. Jack's goal is to get the three treasures; bag of gold, goose that lays the golden eggs, and the singing harp. If Jack does that, he wins. The Giant is trying to stop Jack. And is trying to spell out the words "Fee", "Fi", "Fo", "Fum". If the Giant does that, he wins. This is a super fun game that takes about 15-20 minutes to play. It was one of the top 5 cards games of 2016.

We have lots of dice games, card games, puzzles, and more. Be sure to stop by Voyages Toys this weekend!

In Cannon Beach at:
172 N Hemlock St #6

In Newport at:
716 Beach Dr NW (in Nye Beach)