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Joking Hazard

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Joking Hazard

In keeping with our mission to have store for all ages... we have been slowly adding more and more "adult" games. So even though we have plenty of Melissa & Doug and other kid's toys in our store.. we have a vast selection of new board games and card games geared toward older kids and adults.

Joking Hazard is a new game we just got in stock and it looks HILARIOUS! This game is definitely not for kids. It is easy to learn and plays much the same is Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity. Here is a link to quick "how to play" video.

And BTW we also have Cards Against Humanity and all of the Crabs Adjust Humidity expansion packs. Crabs Adjust Humidity is a 3rd party expansion that is 100% compatible with Cards Against Humanity! Or it can be played on its own.