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Fall Season At The Beach

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Fall Season At The Beach

Fall is probably my favorite season. Maybe it's because of Halloween. Or maybe it's because of my birthday? Either way.. trust me... it's a great time to visit the coast. This is the season where we start to see some great events happening in Cannon Beach:

Earth and Ocean Arts Festival, Sept 20 - 22

Halloween Comic Fest, October 26

Stormy Weather Arts Fest, November 1 - 3

As well as a host of other events that can all be found on the Cannon Beach website!

In other news, this week we have our much anticipated return of MYSTERY BOXES! We are very excited about this! We have literally been getting asked about mystery boxes every day. So we please come in and check them out!


*photo stolen shamelessly from Oregon's North Coast... check out their amazing website to learn about all the events happening in Cannon Beach, Astoria, and Seaside!